CommBank – Century of Legends

Copy and stories – AJ Tennant How do you inspire 50,000 staff with a 100 year history? Century of Legends was a intranet site that brought the amazing history of CBA to it’s people. Each month for a year we crafted and shared real stories of the Bank around topics like Wartime, Charity and Technology.Continue reading “CommBank – Century of Legends”

Game Of Thrones (Spec)

How do you promote the latest boxset of Game Of Thrones? With a promotional ‘recruitment drive’ for a fake job in the fake beloved world of Westeros. From that premise I worked up 5 different job positions (Executioner, Hand of the King, Senior Whore,  Peasant and Royal Bather) as well as stories about the companyContinue reading “Game Of Thrones (Spec)”

Interface – Saturday In Design

Concept and Copy: AJ Tennant How do make carpet magical? World’s largest carpet tile company Interface(FLOR) asked us to create an event experience that would hero their upcycling and environmental credentials. As a company that would have zero environmental impact by the year 2020, they really wanted to floor their audience. I came up with Rebirth – whereContinue reading “Interface – Saturday In Design”

Sydney TAFE (Web Content)

Step 1 Design the carousel site and required content. Why? No one else there could do it. Words go here, interviews there good fellow, clicks and buttons over there please. Sure I’m a words man but I got mad navigatin’ skills too. Step 2 Mavin hat on and research! Speak with teachers, heads of departments and dozensContinue reading “Sydney TAFE (Web Content)”

CommBank- Community Seeds

Concept: AJ Tennant and Dave Clarke (AD) Copy: AJ Tennant AWARD WINNER – Facebook Studio Awards (Bronze) How do you get maximum mileage from giving $200,000 away? Engaged more people than any community project. Bank staff nominated then voted on which charities would receive funding. Then Facebook fans told the bank where to give themContinue reading “CommBank- Community Seeds”