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Commonwealth Bank Sustainability – Workplace

Script and story: AJ Tennant

When you have a revolutionary sustainable workplace you want to sing about it. After tightly scripting a story to tell, we filmed inside CBA’s new building at Darling Park, Sydney.

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Commonwealth Bank Sustainability Campaign – Community

Script and story: AJ Tennant

CBA gives back to communities but wanted one to hero. I wrote, scripted and helped film the story of their staff volunteers -who help tutor young school children.

#film  #script  #marcom

Commonwealth Bank – Total Capital Solutions

Concept, research and copy: AJ Tennant

How do you motivate the biggest earners at a Bank? A simple stylish calendar was more than it seemed – filled with inspirational investment stories from Pixar to Lamborgini to show bankers the ‘unforseen possibilities seen daily’ in a way relevant to their own work.

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Commonwealth Bank – Community Seeds

Concept: AJ Tennant and Dave Clarke (AD)

Copy: AJ Tennant

AWARD WINNER – Facebook Studio Awards (Bronze)

How do you get maximum mileage from giving $200,000 away? Engaged more people than any community project. Bank staff nominated then voted on which charities would receive funding. Then Facebook fans told the bank where to give them money – every vote meant $1 was given. Every further vote by friends online recieved an extra $1 to the chosen charity. Facebook users ‘influence’ was represented by a growing seedling on their Facebook Wall.

#print  #digital  #marcom  #fundraiser

AMP – Small Business’s Biggest Fan#

Concept: AJ Tennant

Copy: AJ Tennant

AMP Planners need a kit to approach new small business customers but how do you wrap up their complex offering? With their expert knowledge, size, and breadth AMP really are small businesses’ biggest fan.

#print  #show

CBA – Staff Community Fund

Concept: AJ Tennant

Copy: AJ Tennant

The Fund is the oldest and biggest staff charity Fund in Australia. So when the Bank decided to match every dollar given to the fund we needed to hero it. How do you increase the number of members? And the size of their donations? Tell them that giving to the Fund is now ‘Twice as Nice’.

#digital  #print  #experiental  #marcom #fundraiser

Interface – Raw Collection

Concept: AJ Tennant and Dan Farrugia

Story and Copy: AJ Tennant

How do you make carpet inspiring? Every time Interface releases a new range of carpet we find a way to show it’s potential. From the patterns and palette we created an identity, name and story to tell. The Raw Collection resembles old buildings and therefore brings age to spaces.

#print  #stories

Concept and copy: AJ Tennant

Give us an online treasure hunt that’s exciting! And remember…we’re a bank. Sheesh! When Commonwealth Bank turned 100 it was a chance to release all their secrets from their vault for the first time in a Century. Wrapping the event in mystery drew in Facebook fans wanting to share in the wealth of the Bank and explore it’s history to do it. Inspired by a little Aldos Huxley reading I gave them THE TIME VAULT.

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